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Benefits of going dairy free

1.Weight Loss

For those who are milk allergic and have had issues with low body weight, a milk-free diet can actually help them to absorb nutrients and potentially gain healthy weight. But for the rest of the population, weight loss is a real possibility with the dairy-free transition.

2. Dairy is quite high in sugar

Reduced fat milk has 5.3% and low fat milk has 6.5%. That means you are better off eating full fat dairy because fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does.

3. Reducing Exposure to Added Antibiotics and Hormones

Dairy containing antibiotics will negatively impact your microbiome.

4. Going Dairy-Free can benefit skin beyond acne

Since oil production can affect the overall appearance of skin, including how much you break out, dairy is being studied for its connection to acne.

5. Period Pain. , stopping dairy can relieve heavy periods, period pain, and premenstrual mood symptoms.

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