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License Key Fwsim




If you do not have a license file, you can use the "Get License Key" link below. Step 4. Choose "New User" This is the part where you tell FWsim who you are. You will need this information to set up your account. Login to your account in the available tools. It will list the licenses you have purchased. There will be a button called "Add/Update" that will take you to your product page. Click "Add/Update" at the bottom of your screen and complete the following information: Company Name: Enter your company name. It should be a name that is easy to remember and represents your organization. It should be a verb phrase, like "Public Utility". Address: This is an optional field. If you provide an address, it will appear on your license key. City: Enter your city name. This field is required. State: Enter the state in which your company is located. This field is required. Zipcode: Enter your zipcode. This field is required. For a business, include a phone number. For a private citizen, you can leave this field blank. You can enter up to 6 emails. We will allow you to receive email notices from FWsim, but we will not send them to you unless you register for the email program. Step 5. Set Up Your License Key After adding your company information, your license key will appear in a small box at the bottom of your page. Select the license key to complete the install process. If you have more than one license, you can choose which one you want to use by checking the box next to the license key. Step 6. Select License Check This is the first time we've had to remind you to set up a license. We have not sent you any email messages yet, but you must allow FWsim to send you email through your ISPs webmail program. If you do not have a webmail program, you may download the "FOREST WIRELESS SIMULATOR LICENSE UPDATE" (depicted below) to set up an email account. We have included a link to download a FREE email program, "Microsoft Outlook Express". You may choose to use this program or any other email program that you use at your ISP. You must follow the email instructions that you receive. Note that you will need to have your license key at



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License Key Fwsim

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